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Bricker's Cafeteria (24kb) Chiccarino's Italian (24kb) Hoss's Family Food (25kb)

Media Displays now offers a new and unique advertising opportunity.

Our Placemat division can act as an alternative advertising method or as a compliment to your ad already displayed at a information center either in the facility featuring the placemat, or one in the vicinity. Our high quality placemats are professionally produced for your local restaurants in two ink colors on a bright white stock that is sure to draw attention to your advertisement.

A single run of placemats is 10,000 placemats distributed for up to four local restaurants at a time. This means that in four locations, a total of 10,000 potential customers will be reading your ad as they wait to enjoy their dining experience at these stylish and high class eating establishments.

Our creative production team can design a stunning ad that will seem to literally leap from the page with unique boarders, and a professional eye tuned to utilizing text and color placement to insure that the people seeking your service have your information literally in their hands.

Surveys have shown that the market you reach at these facilities does not use mass media to making buying decisions. Rather, their decisions on where to spend their money comes from asking their friends, the people they golf with, work out with and socialize with.

Your ad becomes a conversation topic in the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant and this is proven by the extremely high renewal rate our advertisers enjoy.

Your ad will be displayed for the entire run of 10,000, and is sure to be seen by each patron who orders a meal at any of the facilities in which the placemat is distributed.