Displays Boards and Custom Ads

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Long Outdoor Boards (21kb) Bowling Centers (27kb) Resorts (15kb) Scenic Settings (20kb) Community News Centers (19kb)
Outdoor and Indoor Boards
Pymatuning Races (30kb) Hosses Restaurant (16kb) Landscaping Services (21kb) Retail Outlets (28kb) Quality Design (22kb)
Sample Custom Ads and Designs by our Pro Artists
Dynamic Colors (27kb) Grocery Stores (18kb) Metal Framed Boards (19kb) Plexiglas Safety (13kb) Oak Frames (15kb)
Metal Frames, Oak Frames, Display Cases, Message Centers
Install Anywhere (16kb) Post Events and Schedules (14kb) Trophy Cases (16kb) Racks for Brochures and Papers (16kb)  

If you would like your advertising message to effectively reach your potential customers, then Media Displays is the right company for you!

Our high quality activity and information centers are seen at upscale golf courses, recreational facilities, and high traffic super markets throughout the United States. The facilities use these for posting events, tournaments, announcements, league and outing information, green and cart fees, fitness and social activities and much more. Literature rack space is provided for brochure and coupon distribution. On each side of the unit framed in oak, or encased in high grade weather proof aluminum, under glass and in full color we place 5 large 12x10 inch displays ads.

Your ad is exclusive in its category and is presented in a professional manner using color photography and the latest technology in computerized layout and design. We will only place advertisers who are recommended and approved by the facility.

Surveys have shown that the market you reach at these facilities does not use mass media to making buying decisions. Rather, their decisions on where to spend their money comes from asking their friends, the people they golf with, work out with and socialize with.

Your ad becomes a conversation topic in the relaxed atmosphere of the Country Club, pro shop, or health facility and this is proven by the extremely high renewal rate our advertisers enjoy.

Your ad will be displayed for the entire year and acknowledges your interest in the business available at the location you are advertising in.