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As a sales representative at Media Displays Inc you will sell advertising on behalf of our company. You are responsible for identifying potential clients by placing calls, sending out emails, or following up on inquiries. When meeting with a potential client, our sales representative presents information about the services our company offers. This could include showing sample ads, an explanation of the places the advertisement will appear, and a summary of how much it will cost. In addition to trying to find new clients, sales representatives need to maintain our current client list in the area by keeping in regular contact with them and making sure they are pleased with our services. In this job, developing and maintaining relationships with clients is hugely important, as satisfied clients are more likely to continue doing business with us. You will correspond with potential and existing clients by email, phone, in-person, or all three, making strong interpersonal and communication skills highly important. Complete training is included with our lead sales representatives. The job offers a high commission rate, full-time employment status, and receives benefits with a retirement plan.

Job Type: Full-time, Commission, Full Benefits Included

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